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November 29, 2012
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ACD: Judas Sorrentino by TheLizAngel ACD: Judas Sorrentino by TheLizAngel
Judas (Nicole) Sorrentino




Date of Birth:
December 1st

Venice, Italy


HP- 5
STR- 3
DEF- 4
DEX- 4
AGI- 4

- Cats
- Quiet naps
- Collects Antiques
- Drinking
- Combing her hair (its a relaxing method for her).
- The scarf around her neck, belonged to her father.

- When topic of conversation leads to her facial features, the conversation will end or she'll ignore the question.
- Anything that wails and whines (babies)
- Jesters/Bards/Heralds
- Being sober (You wont like her when shes sober)


Exterior- Sarcastic, Impassive, kind of a drunk/flirt...
A laid back kind of gal, likes to keep a bottle of rum/whiskey/ or whatever alcoholic beverage she could sneak on her person in a small flask. Has bit of a captain jack sparrow complex- so she kinda does the whole lazy walk, finger wiggling when shes consumed a rather generous amount of alcohol.
The darken circles around her eyes- just shows shes a nocturnal creature and sleeping can be an issue most of the time- thus her usual napping schedule: Afternoon, evening. If she can get atleast 2 naps in during the day, shes good for the night shift. Works better at night, though she can still function during the day, just not as effiently.
When she goes to brothels or bars, she kinda flirts with the women- or maybe even giving them apprieative pats on the butt (the men too, sometimes). But its all for a friendly jest, so it makes her a pansexual or whatever works. Man or woman, it don't matter.

Interior- Loyal, Humble, Encouraging.
You're a civilian? You bet she'll give you a hand, though she'll most likely not accept any kind of coin- unless its a bought drink. Thus showing us her humble side. Encouraging her friends and comrades when they need a little push in the right direction- as in push, I mean she'll shove you towards your enemy lazily yelling back "Stab em in the face for me!"
shes a good friend to have, you can talk and talk forever- and she'll just nod and probably doze off.

Born in Venice, mother died giving birth. Judas lived her childhood with her father Antonio Sorrentino- who ran a winery business, good man- taught her alot about how to taste test wine, when she was 15 of course and only tiny sips.
So her family had abit of money, was well known in several major cities- Rome being amongst them. Living most of her life in nobility has given her a carefree attitude towards life. Until her father pasted away, an unfortunate accident- around when she was 17. Soon after his passing, the winery was passed over to her uncle- Carlos Sorrentino, he was very cherry and a short man with rather obnoxious ambitions, Judas was never fond of him. She had good reason to too, she was to inherit the family business when she turns 20, what was written in her fathers will. Carlos never intended to hand over the business in the first place- so he decided to pull the same trick, that he used on Antonio.....Murder.
So just acouple days after learning the news of the inheritance, Carlos sent Judas to Verona to deliver some wine to her grandparents and to spend time with them, using her grief over her father to egging her to leave the house and get some fresh air. Half way on her journey, her little convoe was ambushed by bandits- who were actually hired men sent by Carlos. They killed everyone except Judas, dragging her into the woods to do explicit things- cutting her face being one of the fun filled activities. When they were threw with her- before the knife came across her throat, everything seemed to stand still as a single shot rang out. And the bandit holding the knife falling dead, and the rest falling soon after a flurry of white and the sound of clashing metal came to a silence. In the dim of the moonlight stood a man clothed in white, a hoody obscuring his face, as he stared down at her wrecked form, tattered dress, scared face.
He said no words, only tossing a necklace with a red cross on it, and spoke "Your uncle did this to you- and he killed your father. Do you want revenge?" She could only meekly nod her head, just soaking in the realization of the grand scheme of things. "Do you know what a Templar is?" She shook her head "They are the ones who assisted in your fathers death too, so that they may use Carlos for smuggling dangerous merchandise through your family's well respected winery. would you want that reputation tarnished?" Judas stood weakly to her feet, shivering from the night air, her face covered in blood and tears and she answered with fire in her eyes "No........... I want them dead"
From then on her family have thought her dead killed in the bandit attack, though she was really living in secertcy somewhere in Verona - until the day of her 20 birthday, she arrived on the doorstep of her real home. Marched right into the main dinning hall, where her uncle was seated at the front of a large table. And shot him without hesitation. It was revealed that Carlos killed her father and tried to kill Juad too. It was a ruse for money and power. After that was settled and the business given to her, four years she spent taking private lessons in self defence and swordsmanship. While letting her grandparents take care of the business, Judas wasn't ready to take on the responsibilities of it all yet, she wanted to find out more about these "Templars" that plotted against her father. And her craving for abit of excitement in her life, adventure.... ((The winery's name is "The Broken Cross" ))

Which brings us to now- She had found the Assassins, the arch enemy of her enemy. Judas believed it was about time she put her sword to better use and help aid in the better cause the Assassins strive to achieve.

Equipment: Wooden Sword, flask.

Storage: --

Current Florins: --

Total Florins: --

((You can get a better close up of her here ->[link] ))

((OMG- I finally finished revamping her. If you don't remember- this was her earlier design -> [link] yes very old.... But yes I\'ve decided to enter her to possibly participate in the group :iconac-doctrina: and see where I can take her- character development wise.))
P.S. I guess you can say, I'm back from hiatus. =u=
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D33rp0under Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
Judas and Luu should go Parkouring to gether
TheLizAngel Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
now wouldn't that be fun >u> lol
D33rp0under Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
Not-Princess-Luna101 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Vitaessesum Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A wooden sword? :iconjackiechanfaceplz:

Nice to know she hates bards too. They were a PAIN in AC2.

Bard: *Runs up and starts singing shit*

Ezio: *pickpockets*

Bard: BUT-BUT- I LOVE YOU NOBLE SIRE! :iconcryforeverplz:
TheLizAngel Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh the wooden sword is just for the beginner rank. if i were to rp her, she would be using that one she wears at her hip.

YES, she hates bards. She pilfers their purses.
Vitaessesum Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used to steal from bards, and get a bit o' notoriety.
Not-Princess-Luna101 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ZhagathTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome work i really liked the history and the character looks so pretty , i was thinking if maybe we can rp some day :3
StitchLich Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//swoons so fucking hard// Q H Q
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